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Why advertising your videos is great value

YouTube is much bigger than most people realise. Your latest corporate or product video is going to be very lucky if it gets found there. So if you’ve spent a reasonable amount of time or money on a video, you’ll probably be promoting it through your own website, emails or social media. However, my bet is that the viewing numbers still won’t impress anyone.

That’s a little unfair, because 170 views, or even 17 – if they’re from the right people – can represent a terrific investment if the video wasn’t an expensive production. But you don’t want to be continually having to explain to your colleagues why you haven’t got viewing figures like the 3,878,505,348 views which Ed Sheeran had managed, the last time I looked.

Enter YouTube advertising. This is really cheap. You run it through Google Ads, and like search advertising, it’s on a pay per click basis. I’d recommend the “TrueView video discovery ads” format, which is a static advert appearing in the YouTube search results or alongside related YouTube videos. You target where it appears through the use of keywords, so your ad is only going to appear when people are looking at related topics. The ad consists of a thumbnail image from your video with some text inviting people to click to watch the video. Note that I’m not suggesting any interruptive advertising here, of the sort which gets in the way of other videos which the user is watching – just static ads.

In Google Ads, you’ll see how many people watched your video to various points. With clicks costing just pennies, you can get hundreds of extra views of a video each month for £1 a day.