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Link building the local way

We all know that link building is hard, not much fun and doesn’t have obvious results (the links might be created, but their impact is hard to see). However, it’s not all about getting links from trade publications or news sites. Sometimes there are opportunities which are quite close to home. For example, are you sponsoring anything in your local community? If so, that organisation probably has a website and would be delighted to give you a link; indeed, you’re in a good position to write some text for them, which places the link in context of what you do. What about local bloggers and online newsletters? Again, if your company has done something of benefit to your area, getting a mention in these with a link can be as effective as traditional local press coverage.

What about local schools and colleges? If you’re doing any work with them, there’s plenty of scope for some online acknowledgements. One company I know offered holiday work placements to a local school and helped the students involved to write something for their school website while they were still at the company. Finally, as I’ve mentioned before, your company will have local suppliers, and I’m sure they’d be delighted to receive testimonials about their services to run on their websites. Think creatively and link building can actually be quite fun.