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How to create great content with how-to content

“How To” content takes a little bit of effort to set up, but it’s incredibly productive, helping existing users and attracting prospects. There’s evidence that more “How Do I…?” searches are being made than ever before, including in professional areas, and even the smallest company has a chance of topping the search results.

There are probably two main types of “How To” articles: ones which explain how to achieve something that your products just happen to do; and ones which show how to do something with your specific products. Demonstrating how your products work best can be just as effective with prospects as it is useful to existing users. If you can actually get a prospect to read an article or watch a video about how to calibrate your widget (something only a user would have to do), they’ll get a very good idea of how it could be exactly what they need.

Selecting subjects to cover takes a bit of imagination, but for the “how to achieve something” type of content, just think about what your products do, and add “how to” on the front. So if your widgets are designed to measure sprocket availability in explosive atmospheres, the most basic article and/or video you need to produce is “How do I measure sprocket availability in explosive atmospheres?”. It will show exactly how your widgets do this – a simple sales demonstration but without a specific sales pitch.

For the product-specific instructional articles, just think about what existing users might like to see demonstrated. Calibration, programming, alignment …there are no end of ideas. The technical support staff who oversee customer product set-up may be your source of inspiration here.