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Enabling a persistent ‘Reader View’ on an iPhone

I know this blog is supposed to be about online marketing, but sometimes you get a tip which is too good not to share. Everyone I’ve mentioned this to didn’t know about it, so I hope you’ll find it worthwhile too.

If you use an iPhone, or iPad, the default Safari browser has a ‘Reader View‘. This is brilliant for reading most web pages on the phone, as it strips out the clutter and just shows you the body text, in a nice plain black on white font. Try it, if you haven’t. It’s like reading a plain text email, perfectly formatted for the screen, and it’s beautiful. You get this in Safari by clicking on the little icon of four lines in the address bar. Lovely.

Now, here’s the thing. You can set up this mode for all websites which it can work with. Just hold down the icon and select the option which appears. You can selectively set websites where you don’t want it to work. The same action can be used to set things back to normal.

What about Android phones? Well, I didn’t expect that the most frequently used Chrome browser there would have an equivalent, because Chrome is made by Google, a ‘Reader’ mode strips out most advertising, and Google makes its money from advertising. However, it seems that the feature is there too: it’s called ‘Simplified’ mode.

Alternatively, on iOS or Android, you can try other browsers. Don’t be afraid. You can gain a lot from doing so.

If you have any comments, do let me know.

1 thought on “Enabling a persistent ‘Reader View’ on an iPhone”

  1. Chris, Like the Reader View post. Interestingly it doesn’t work on some web pages – Safari decides if there’s enough text I guess. When you go to a page that it likes, the heading ‘Reader View available’ comes up. Perhaps we should look at our home pages to make them more friendly towards Reader View!

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