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The increasing need for both quantity and quality

Continuing yesterday’s discussion of modern SEO techniques, I’d like to mention the increasing need for both quantity and quality in your web pages.

I don’t write this blog for SEO reasons, which is lucky, because of the 2,500 articles I’ve written, only a few – maybe 1% – have ever got traction in Google. The reason? They’re designed to accompany a quick coffee break, and rarely reach beyond 400-500 words. Usually they’re considerably shorter; that’s all my target audience could possibly have time to read. I did, however, put a few related articles together once, and saw some impressive Google rankings.

Google wants much meatier content than an article like this one. Studies of blog posts show that those with high rankings in the search results are much more likely to have 2,000 words than a few hundred. More importantly, those with only a few hundred rarely rank highly, as my own experience demonstrates. Longer articles demonstrate the expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness that Google looks for.

Of course, creating a 2,000 word article isn’t easy. But it may not be as difficult as you think. It’s less than a transcribed 20-minute chat with someone at your company who knows what they’re talking about. Sit them down with a set of related questions that you’ve prepared, and ask for examples, and you may well find yourself with a Google-topping article of the future.