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ICYMI – All the blog posts from October 2018

Picking a social media winner
There are far too many social media services for any normal B2B company to manage, so we need to focus on what we can handle.

Should I drop the ‘www’ from my website?
Whatever you’re doing, the important thing is to ensure that everything is redirected correctly. Get technical advice on this.

Subject lines are more important than ever
The subject line is more important than ever. Along with the sender name, it’s the make-or-break as to whether or not your email gets read.

Should I have an online store?
What about the possibility of customers buying the wrong stuff, without consultation? Not a problem in practice.

All you need to know about Search Console
Google Search Console has changed in the last few months with a new interface and new capabilities, so it’s time to catch up on what it can do.

All about redirects and deleting pages
In most instances, if you’re removing a page from your website, set up a 301 redirect so anyone following the link can get to similar content.

Getting prospects the answers they need (1)
It would be criminal to lose someone who’s close to contacting you, so have you got every channel covered?

Getting prospects the answers they need (2)
There are two non-immediate methods for prospects to contact you: email and social media. People who use these don’t expect instant replies.

Why it’s good to get in character
As soon as several people contribute content to your website, you need some sort of policy on tone of voice.

Get your search right or don’t have it at all
Does your website have a search facility? If it doesn’t work well, you’d be better off not having it at all.

Don’t send your best advert responders to ordinary pages
There’s one type of visitor who we can identify and send to a dedicated page, and that’s the responder to a generic product search advert.

Spotting your Google results which aren’t delivering
The ultimate goal from Google is to get lots of clicks – and that’s not guaranteed if our entry inspires few people to click on it.

Don’t get carried away with ad extensions
While some will be used, you’ll never get them all; the ones shown will be at Google’s discretion. So consider not putting some in the mix.

Let Google record your incoming calls? No thanks!
Who on earth would want prospects ringing their company to be met with a message that Google was recording the conversation?

Your Google results have to work really hard
Your results have to work really hard, and having them automatically generated by your content management system is simply not good enough.

The increasing need for both quantity and quality
I don’t write this blog for SEO reasons, which is lucky, because of the 2,500 articles here, only a few have ever got traction in Google.

Does your home page tell the whole story?
Too often, designers get carried away with ‘creative’ nonsense and forget the main function of the company’s home page.

How to brief a writer for your website
I’d hope a knowledge of SEO could be taken for granted from writers, but it’s not a bad idea to give them a steer in the right direction.

A more interesting comparison with your competitors
Why not simulate what a prospect might do? Specify what a prospect might investigate, and draw up a table comparing your own site with others.

SEO: don’t get too granular
Nowadays you’re better off targeting closely related terms on the same page, because Google is more interested in topics.

Google favours pages which change with the times
Google says that if any page has gone down in the rankings, we should investigate if it’s “as relevant as it used to be.”

What should an FAQ page look like?
There are many approaches, but a good FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page is great for SEO and widely liked by visitors.