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Google favours pages which change with the times

Google had a fairly substantial results update in the summer, and we saw some fairly substantial movements in rankings on our clients’ sites. However, these were inconsistent – some pages went up and some went down – and we didn’t have any examples of entire sites moving up or down across the board.

A representative from the search engine has addressed the update in an agency chat, and suggested that if any page has gone down in the rankings, we should investigate if it’s “as relevant as it used to be.” I think what the company is hinting at is that while old, established pages with good links are of course more often than not the top results in searches, there’s a lot to be gained by regularly adding and updating them.

We shouldn’t be surprised by this. On a search results page where most of the entries have dates, I often find myself scanning down to find recent ones. Sure, some great web pages may never age, but times change, and it looks like Google favours pages which change with the times.