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Don’t send your best advert responders to ordinary pages

Most businesses can’t do any more with an online advertising campaign than set up lots of ads which link to their product pages. These pages have to take on a lot of roles, including providing technical details for existing users, and selling the product to prospects. Even the latter group can be broken down into those people browsing around the site (who have an idea of what the company does) and those who have arrived ‘cold’ from an advert. So the pages are by necessity compromises, and will not give the perfect message tailored to every type of visitor.

In an ideal world, there’d be several versions of every product page, dependent on the visitor type. This isn’t practical, of course, because we don’t know who the visitor is, and we almost certainly don’t have the resources to make these multiple versions.

However, there’s one type of visitor who we can identify and send to a dedicated page, and that’s the responder to a generic product search advert, who is almost certainly a decent prospect, but someone unfamiliar with the product (and possibly company). We could send these people to a specially-crafted landing page, couldn’t we?

The normal excuse not to do so is that we’re advertising dozens (or hundreds) of different products, and there’s still no way we could make all those landing pages. But wait a minute: why do we have to do it for every product? Look at the advertising campaign, and I’d bet one or two products make up the lion’s share of responses (and expense). Why not look at creating a landing page just for these? The page could be perfectly matched with the message in the advert, it could introduce the company, and it could push specific features and benefits which a normal product page might not. Give it a try.