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All you need to know about Search Console

I bang on about Google Search Console a lot, but I’ll admit to probably not having time to really make the most of it. You may have better cause to spend more time with it, and if so, I’d thoroughly recommend The Ultimate Guide to Google Search Console in 2018 on the Hubspot blog.

Google Search Console has changed considerably in the last few months with a new interface and new capabilities, so now’s a good time to catch up on what it can do. The article lists 23 things you might like to do with the tool, and how to do them:

  1. Identify your highest-traffic pages from Google search
  2. Identify your highest-CTR queries from Google search
  3. Find your average CTR from Google search
  4. Monitor your CTR over time
  5. Monitor your impressions over time
  6. Monitor your average position over time
  7. Identify ranking increases and decreases
  8. Identify your highest-traffic queries
  9. Compare your site’s search performance across desktop, mobile, and tablet
  10. Compare your site’s search performance across different countries
  11. Learn how many of your pages have been indexed
  12. Learn which pages haven’t been indexed and why
  13. Monitor total number of indexed pages and indexing errors
  14. Identify mobile usability issues
  15. Learn how many total backlinks your site has
  16. Identify which URLs have the most backlinks
  17. Identify which sites link to you the most
  18. Identify the most popular anchor text for external links
  19. Identify which pages have the most internal links
  20. Learn how many total internal links your site has
  21. Find and fix AMP errors
  22. See how Google views a URL
  23. Go to the old version of Search Console

If you really want to be on top of your website, put aside a few minutes a day to go through one more feature on the list and to think about how you could use that information.