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What else can you get out of those case studies?

We all know about the value of testimonials, with something like 90% of online buyers in the consumer sector saying they read them – and I suspect the majority actively search for them too. The business sector is no different; indeed, with far fewer suppliers using testimonials, they’re probably even more important.

So it was interesting to chat with a client a while back who said that it seemed too awkward and too much like hard work to get testimonials to use on his company’s website. Interesting, because the client had a couple of dozen decent case studies on the site, several of which contained complimentary quotes from users. If those quotes had been approved as part of getting the case study written, I asked, why not use them on your home page to link to the full article?

I think that our client had just not put two and two together. Great testimonials don’t necessarily require that slightly embarrassing exercise of contacting customers and asking them to say something nice. You may already have what you need.

(Once you have the quote, don’t forget to give the customer’s full credentials, and think about including it on relevant product and service pages too.)