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No takers to write an article? No problem.

The biggest difficulties in writing lots of good technology background articles are finding the time, and overcoming the fact you’re not the expert in the first place. So how do we get around this? If you read the blogs and forums, you might be thinking that AI is going to save us all. After all, more content than you might think is already being written this way.

But for the time being, AI is only going to be able to work with data it’s being given. It can’t get into people’s heads. At your company, the potential content is in the heads of the designers, the product managers, the technical support team and the sales staff. How do you get it out, efficiently?

Short of a hot-wire to their brains, there are only two ways. They can write it down, or they can tell you. And if you’ve ever tried to get a colleague to write a marketing piece, you’ll know what the easiest option is going to be. If you have a smartphone, you have a digital recorder, and there are people online who can transcribe 5 minutes’ speech (all you need for a 500-word article) for the price of a coffee. Job done.

And if you need to get it approved by the person you recorded, it’s amazing how quickly they respond when sent their own words with a note that the piece is about to go on the website.