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More on those new Responsive Search Ads

There was a fair bit of interest in the new search advert format from Google Ads which I mentioned the other day, so here are some of the thoughts we’ve got on Responsive Search Ads.

  • We think that they’re best for testing promotion of completely different benefits, rather than just changing the wording slightly. For that reason, they’re not so useful on brand adverts (like your company name) where the advert will normally only be triggered by a very limited set of search queries.
  • Don’t let them fight each other. One Responsive Search Ad per ad group is all that’s needed.
  • Remember that unless you ‘pin’ certain headlines or descriptions, they can be omitted from the mix, so don’t put anything critical in a headline or description and then not force it to be included every time.
  • Keep one or more of your standard text adverts running alongside any Responsive Search Ads for now. Remember, this is about testing to see what works best. Indeed, don’t bother with Responsive Search Ads at all in ad groups which only get triggered occasionally. Google’s AI will not be able to do much if it doesn’t have sufficient data to work with.

Best of luck! Remember, if your Google Ads budget is £750/month or more, we’re always here to help run things for you.