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Let’s see if your website really does its job

Go to your website’s home page and click on any link without thinking about it. On the next page, click on another link. Any one will do. You should be on a random page. Now look at the page, and go through each of the questions below in turn. Really think about the first one in particular.

  1. When someone comes to this page, what are they looking for?
  2. Does the page look like it delivers on that requirement? Does it actually deliver?
  3. When the reader gets to the last word, what is the clearest thing in vision which they are offered as a next step?
  4. Is that actually what you want them to do next?

I know these questions sound trivial. But I wouldn’t be asking them if I thought most pages on business websites passed both tests. They don’t.

If your page doesn’t pass both tests, resolve to do something about it.