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ICYMI – All the blog posts from September 2018

SEO: how it all adds up
How many of you sell products or services where the Google results for your most basic generic searches can truly be said to be perfect?

Why we avoid the Display Network and apps on mobile devices
The Display Network can compete for value with search advertising, but only on desktop screens. I can’t see that changing any time soon.

New search ad format may provide better matching
Look out for Responsive Search Ads. We’ve had the opportunity to test them with a couple of our clients, and they’re very interesting.

What I like about a password manager
Once you’ve started to use it, you’ll never look back – except to smile whenever you see someone laboriously typing in a password.

Having the courage to look at the numbers that matter
Google Analytics “All Users” charts should have a health warning. But how many marketing managers can ignore a lovely rising graph?

The only thing that matters in advertising
If you’d like us to show you how to do this sort of analysis on your website traffic, feel free to get in touch.

Description meta tags – do make some effort
Can I at least suggest that you at least write good page descriptions for your most important pages? The home page, for example.

Don’t compromise the design of your landing pages
One big mistake companies make with landing pages is to use a standard site template, with all the navigation at the top and in sidebars.

Improve your forms and watch your enquiry rate rise
How to specify exactly what your forms should contain, what they should look like, and how they should operate.

More on those new Responsive Search Ads
They’re not so useful on brand adverts (like your company name) where the advert will only be triggered by a limited set of search queries.

The critical signal to the visitor
‘First Contentful Paint’ is a simple and easy to understand metric: the length of time it takes for something meaningful to appear on screen.

The long tail of exact match search advertising
All you see in the actual search terms report are terms which got clicks.Your ad will have shown for further searches, which remain a mystery.

No takers to write an article? No problem.
Your potential content is in the heads of designers, product managers, technical support team and sales staff. How do you get it out?

Should we stop creating content around keywords?
It seems a bit elementary, I know. But if you can crack this concept, you may have the key to better SEO and a better site.

Learning from scammers
When you lead with value — when you put the customers’ needs before your own — then you earn permission to send emails.

A keyword in a domain name is not an SEO advantage
Keyword domains do not naturally rank faster than branded domains, and do not rank more highly. This has been the case for many years.

What else can you get out of those case studies?
Great testimonials don’t necessarily require a slightly embarrassing project to contact customers and ask them to give one.

Let’s see if your website really does its job
Go to a random page on your website. Now look at the page, and go through each of the questions below in turn.

What we all need to understand about SEO
A discussion of aspects of search engine positioning which senior management in medium- to large-size organisations rarely understands.

Contact Who?
Hands up who’s sent an email to a business through its web enquiry form and received no answer? I know I have.