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ICYMI – All the blog posts from August 2018

Why you should renew your efforts to get ‘featured snippets’
Most featured snippets are effectively a normal Google result, but with a longer description, larger text and presented in a boxed panel.

Why you should set up a Slack group
If you have a small department at work which doesn’t have an efficient single way of discussing issues, you should take a look at Slack.

How are searches on your company name looking?
A simple Google search for your company name may well be the first thing a serious prospect sees about you. It’s really important.

Branding is about what people associate with your name
Under everyday business pressure, most companies forget how they’d like to be seen. They need to work out what their brand represents.

Can you inherit content from other sites?
Yes you can. If you come across good content on other sites which is neglected, or maybe about to die, try to get ownership of it.

Image formats continue to evolve
You can’t just re-save images in formats such as WebP, as they’re not supported by all browsers. You need to set up a ‘fall-back option’.

How to stop advertisers from wasting their money
Google search advertising is an auction, and advertisers who are running their campaigns terribly push the costs up for everyone.

Guidelines for giving a good presentation
I think there’s no substitute for sketching out a structure, using this to write a full ‘paper’ and then creating three parallel presentations.

Have a think about reorganising your navigation
Even if you can’t do the content management system stuff yourself, a website designer could do it in a few minutes, so it doesn’t cost much.

The drawbacks of your ‘hamburger menu’
You may just have been given a ‘hamburger menu’ because a website designer used a template where that was the default for mobile screens.

Create an instant impression with background video
If you’re making an attention-grabbing landing page (and for a major promotional campaign, you should be), it’s something to think about.

Don’t be pressured into neglecting results
The key to efficient system management is to concentrate on analysing the output to provide better feedback to the input.

Branding and SEO start to merge
SEO can help with branding, and (as I’ve mentioned many times) branding can help with SEO. In the future, the two may be the same.

Put in the effort for best search quality
It’s now being suggested that a page can be considered low quality in Google even if its intention is good.

Buying an email list is a terrible idea
It always was bad, but in these times when so much consent is required for marketing, I don’t understand how it can work.

Inspiration to get better conversion rates
Take inspiration from what these sorts of people are doing, and resolve to make your own website ‘convert’ as strongly.

Talking about Google My Business
People have so many different problems with Google My Business that I wouldn’t try to pick out specific ones to tackle here.

Useful insights from Google My Business
You can now see how many times your information appeared in the Google results and (in a new feature), what searches they used.

If anyone ever tells you they know how Google works…
Google has revealed that in 2017 it made over 2,400 changes to its search algorithms, about seven updates to its overall algorithm every day.

It’s the content which matters
Most of us lose sight of that, in the struggle to publish something which ‘looks good’.