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Are you missing out from the start?

Every week there must be sales “losses” for your company, where a competitor gets the business without even asking you to pitch. Competitive sales staff, when they learn about the lost opportunity, will say: “We could have had that, if only we’d been given a chance to get in there”.

But here’s the thing: maybe you were ‘in there’. The potential customers did consider you. They just never got in touch.

Search online for whatever the product or service was. Are you on the first page or two, with either a straight result, an advert or within a directory listing that appears? If you are, it’s quite probable that the lost customers did take a look at you, because nobody buys anything these days without making an online search and taking a look at a few results. So why were you not asked to pitch? That’s the question you have to answer.

If your brand isn’t strong enough, and looks like it might be skipped over in favour of investigating better-known names, you may need to be screaming out your USPs more loudly in the results, either with more sales-oriented page titles …or good old adverts.

If there are many players in the market, your website might get a clickthrough, but it might then get no more than a 5-second look, unless it grabs viewers in that short time with what they’re after. Is all they see some corporate sloganeering with no sign of the product or service? We all know instictively that a click back to investigate the next Google result is always easier than messing around on a website with no guarantee we’ll find what we want.

There’s no substitute for putting yourself in the place of a prospect, and searching online to see what they see. That’s when ‘getting in there’ begins. Give it a try.