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Manufacturing sector sticks to its PCs for email

Some fascinating results have appeared in a new study of email worldwide by the email delivery platform SendGrid. This analysed more than 50 billion emails from over 100,000 different senders to more than 2 billion different recipient addresses. An interesting headline statistic is that ‘open rate’ on emails is going up, but ‘click rate’ is falling. One theory is that the amount of ‘transactional’ email is growing, i.e. automated emails to confirm purchases, etc. The report’s authors believe that email is “becoming the communication tool for keeping a record of things. Whether it’s a receipt, or a shipping notification, or even a receipt from your purchase in a retail store where they ask if you’d prefer your receipt emailed, email is where people want those transaction records.” It seems like a reasonable conclusion.

In nearly all business sectors, 50–60% of emails now appear to be opened on mobile devices, but an interesting outlier is the manufacturing sector, where the figure is only 35%. Still, the number is growing, so it’s worth considering if the messages you’re sending by email are appropriate on a mobile device (for example, don’t ask the recipient to read a PDF document as your call to action). In the UK, the top ‘inbox providers’ by far are GMail and Hotmail, with 20–30% each, so it could be a useful exercise to see what your emails look like in those services’ native mobile and web applications.

SendGrid’s 2018 Global Email Benchmark Report is available by request from the company.