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It’s time to set any remaining gated content free

Long-time readers will know how much I hate ‘gated content’ – material which requires your email address or other details to be able to access it. There’s an argument for doing this at a very general first touch point with a prospect, if the content is genuinely helpful and not sales oriented. However, once you’re talking about actual products and services, there are so many reasons to avoid it. There have been several studies which show that 75% to 95% of people just leave rather than submit their contact details in order to access information. Anyone who counters this with “well, 5% of names is better than 0%” is not thinking it through. If content is freely available, it will be picked up by the search engines and generate many more readers. Genuine prospects will contact you without you needing to contact them. And if they don’t want to give you their contact details, they probably don’t want to be sold to, so why waste your time? There’s also a GDPR issue: if they give you an email address in exchange for a product, that’s all they give you permission to use their email address for. So if you have ‘gated content’ on your site, it really is time to set it free.