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Is your content in relevant languages?

Do you sell in non-English-speaking countries? If you’re still trying to convince yourself that an English-language-only website is adequate, you’d be wrong, and here’s why.

We all know that there are plenty of people in western European countries whose English second language puts our own to shame. And it’s true that because so much of the world wide web is in English, many of these people will be happy to read sales material in English. So you might – reasonably – think that one language is enough.

Here’s the thing though. Because over 50% of the web is in English, the amount of content in specific other languages is individually far lower (the same survey reckons German is in second place, at 6%). Now, imagine if you had 80% or 90% less competition in the Google results, compared to what you’re used to in English. You’ll see where I’m going here. It can be a lot easier to get noticed if your content is in other languages. It’s worth researching the opportunities.