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ICYMI – All the blog posts from July 2018

Cheap SEO is simply throwing away money
An SEO project which is going to make a difference requires several days a month of hard work from someone who knows what they’re doing.

Getting that video to work for you in search
Video SEO really is a thing. Here are half a dozen other things to think about when you put a video on YouTube.

Fine-tuning where search engine traffic arrives
Do any of the pages on your site which are getting the most traffic from Google strike you as being not what you’d have predicted?

How do I remove a page from the Google results?
What happens if you have a page on your website which you need to remove in a hurry? Here are a few steps you could take.

Is your logo designed for today’s media?
Many businesses have just one fixed logo which ends up being a compromise in almost every situation. Why not create something flexible?

Are you missing out from the start?
There’s no substitute for putting yourself in the place of a prospect, and searching online. That’s when ‘getting in there’ begins.

Could you do more with personalisation?
Personalisation is happening – and increasingly, it’s going to be filtering down to more conservative businesses.

Manufacturing sector sticks to its PCs for email
In nearly all business sectors, 50–60% of emails are opened on mobile devices, but an interesting outlier is the manufacturing sector.

Do you offer a callback service?
If a potential customer calls your company, can you guarantee that the best person to deal with them will be available to talk?

What sort of question makes people want to click?
Questions work well, as article headlines or email subject lines, but they need to to interest readers and make them read the article.

A literal snapshot of Google results
If you want historic data, you’ll need to compile your own archive by taking screenshots. It’s an easy weekly or monthly task.

Internal links do matter
There’s an element of age in SEO page strength, so your new pages could really use some link equity passed on from old ones.

HTML5 is the way to go
Your designer should be using ‘HTML5’ now; for high quality ads around the web, it’s almost inevitably the format in which they were created.

Pre-header text: a quick win on marketing emails
Many email clients support a second piece of descriptive data beyond the subject line. This is often called the pre-header.

How long is long enough?
The key is to see what the competition is, before you even start to target a search with a specific article. It may not require a PhD thesis to be better.

Don’t take your best features for granted
It’s worth trying to figure out everything that makes your company unique, and keeping the strengths uppermost in your mind.

It’s time to set any remaining gated content free
If people don’t want to give you their contact details, they probably don’t want to be sold to, so why waste your time?

Letting Google know your site is the original
One of our clients has had the rather unpleasant experience of a Chinese company having completely copied its entire website.

Is your content in relevant languages?
It can be a lot easier to get noticed if your content is in other languages. It’s worth researching the opportunities.

Poor forms are poor form
It’s a really expensive exercise getting prospects to the point where they might make an enquiry. Don’t waste it.

An easy link from a quick case study
What would you think if a customer sent in a case study of how they’ve used your products, and said that you’d be welcome to use it?