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Don’t take your best features for granted

I think every business should be able to write down at least half a dozen things which make it stand out. Some might be obvious – perhaps you’re the only provider of a product which has no competition. Others less so – ‘small’ is not something to be ashamed of, if it means you’re more agile or able to provide more personal customer service. You probably stand out to specific groups of people: ‘Being based in the Cotswolds’ might not be the first thing which springs to mind when listing your company’s strengths, but it sure as heck is probably an advantage to customers in the Cotswolds. Should you therefore be marketing yourself differently in the local area? It’s easy enough to do with some advertising (including search advertising, where you could easily mirror your campaigns to provide a local focus for local prospects).

It’s worth trying to figure out everything that makes your company unique, and keeping the strengths uppermost in your mind to use whenever possible. Many companies take their best features for granted, or let them be ignored in an endless quest to keep marketing themselves in new ways. If you’d never heard of your company, what would sell it to you as a better choice than your competitors?