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Do you offer a callback service?

If a potential customer calls your company, can you guarantee that the best person to deal with them will be available to talk? Of course you can’t. We all – customers and suppliers – accept that sometimes we have to wait for a time when the right person can return the call. To be honest, as a customer, I’d be happy to wait if I knew I could talk to the right person first time. I only want to explain my requirements once, yet with many suppliers, I might have to do it three times:
– “Hello, can I speak to someone about blue widgets?”
– “Putting you through to the blue widgets department”
– “Hello, I need a blue widget for a sprocket extender”
– “Of course, I’ll pass you over to our sprocket extender specialist”
– “Hello, I need a blue widget for a sprocket extender”

There is an alternative, and that’s to offer a callback service. This won’t be suitable for every prospect, but it will be for some, and why not offer those people what they want? A big button saying ‘request a callback’, which takes people to a very simple form asking for their name, telephone number and what they want, guaranteeing that someone will get back to them quickly.

There’s an added bonus that you can count these people and identify their source, just as you can with a standard ‘more information’ form. It’s not really that different, but its presentation can make all the difference.