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Who’s sending your emails?

One of the effects of last month’s GDPR shenanigans was that many people (including me) took a hard look at the emails they were receiving. I found myself unsubscribing from a number which didn’t even send me “do you want to keep hearing from us?” emails. I was just in that kind of mood.

Something that irked me – and probably always has done – were emails which didn’t appear to come from people. The biggest flag here was the email address. I really don’t think I want to hear from “marketing@…” any longer. Nor “sales@…”. And “noreply@…” can get lost too. But I remember a good presentation from “debbie@…” once, and having an agreeable meeting with “oliver@…”, so I’ll keep their newsletters and sales emails.

A rational way to make decisions? Possibly not. Who is rational though?