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Ubersuggest: there is such a thing as a free lunch

People working in SEO use a whole range of research tools, some of which are quite expensive. Now high-profile (and very successful) marketer Neil Patel is threatening to shake up the market by creating equivalents to some of these paid services and making them freely accessible to anyone. He’s begun by buying a tool called Ubersuggest, a well-known ‘keyword planner’, and added search advertising cost data to it. The result is very useful, but crucially, really is completely free to use. Try it.

Neil Patel’s target is to increase his own website traffic (he’s moved Ubersuggest there) from a million visitors a month to at least three or four times that many. In a blog post he identifies several paid-for services by name and says that he intends to add their functionality to his site, all with “unlimited usage, no login required, for free.” The cost to him is enormous, but he seems to have a plan, and for now at least, we can all take advantage of it.

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