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Time to have a spring-clean of your page titles

In the eternal quest to find out how to get to the top of the Google search results, we have to consider what the critical factors are. Google won’t tell us, of course – it may not even really know any more – but plenty of people have tried analysing huge data sets to get an idea.

From the research, it’s clear that links to the page and site are key. Typically, the top couple of results for a given search have way more than the rest, so it’s essential to investigate the strength of the pages holding the top positions before you try to target overtaking them. If you’re going to try building links to challenge the leaders, not only do you need to prioritise links from sites which are strong themselves, but the links should either have your search term in their linking (‘anchor’) text, or at least be from pages where that’s the theme.

However, another finding which I’ve seen mentioned a few times is something much easier to implement. It’s to do with having page titles which are concise and on point for the search. Do a few searches for competitive product types (e.g. ‘pneumatic cylinders’, ‘load cells’, or ‘aluminium windows’) and take a look at the leading results yourself. I think you’ll start to see what I mean. It’s not uncommon to see a whole page of results where the titles are just the product, or the search plus two or three words (perhaps the manufacturer’s name). So maybe it’s time to have a spring-clean of your page titles, and to check that they’re really working efficiently for you.