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Online articles aren’t fixed in time

As someone who has edited print and email publications for many years, I still love the fact that on a website, I can make changes after ‘going to press’. Yet – like many people – I don’t take enough advantage of this. A website allows us to continually improve what we’ve got, perhaps in the light of new requirements. For example, I have a web page in a blog which attracted a lot of traffic for many years, based on simple ‘blue widget’-style product searches. It took several years for me to realise that there were just as many ‘best blue widget’ searches, for which I didn’t rank at all, but to which my article could easily be adapted to target without losing its existing strengths.

Have you got good background articles or blog posts on your website which could do more? It can often be better to improve these than start something new. They may already have some momentum in the search engine results which can be built on. For example, do they have a dull title which could be livened up, perhaps into an interesting question which people are asking? Is there new content which can be added? Does some of the content need updating? You may be sitting on something just ready to take off, without knowing it. Have a look through what you’ve got and see if you could do it better, because it’s an opportunity you don’t get in other media.