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Make sure it’s the right person

How much have you thought about the person who your sales pages are pitched at? It’s easy to make the mistake of writing for the eventual user, when the products are actually bought by someone quite different. An example might be a software control system, which could be operated by plant engineers but specified by an IT department. The benefits of the system might be similar for both audiences, but the tone of the argument might need to be subtly different.

One of my pet hates in business is the use of anecdotes to represent generalities, but it’s not a bad idea to identify a real-life customer and create a typical buying persona around them. I’ve done occasional radio broadcasting throughout my life, and a trick I was once taught was that if you’re alone in the studio, put a picture on the wall of someone you know who might be a typical listener, and talk to that person. If you write with a specific person in mind, your writing should be that much more engaging. But make sure it’s the right person.