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LinkedIn – a neglected free marketing opportunity

When it comes to ‘social’ networks, we normally think of Twitter and Facebook. But LinkedIn is a social network too, and it’s one which is more important to most of us in business. The main problem is that it can get more than a little neglected. So I asked a social media consultant for a few tips on maintaining a healthy LinkedIn presence for a business, and this is what he suggested. It’s not that onerous, and we should all think about putting in what little effort is required.

Firstly, get everything in order. Ensure your company page looks good, and that staff know that their profiles should be linked to the page. Then set aside some time to maintain the news, as part of a regular checklist. Half a dozen items a month isn’t unreasonable. Updates need only be an image and a paragraph. Look at other companies’ LinkedIn pages for ideas. Here’s a really obvious one though: job vacancies!

Seen something interesting? Share it on LinkedIn. Articles from trade journals, campaigns or reports from trade associations, news about exhibitions… all of these are useful information, make you look part of your industry, and get gratitude from the original publishers. Got a new contract, or have a new sale? It might not warrant a full technical case study, but a picture and a paragraph on LinkedIn is a productive way of marking it. Published something new yourself? From additions on your website to new brochures and catalogues, a LinkedIn announcement takes two minutes to post. And you might be surprised by the interest it generates – watch the referrals from LinkedIn grow in your website analytics.