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Keeping in touch via surveys

Are you surveying your customers regularly? Anecdotally, I get the impression that few companies are taking advantage of this low-effort, low-cost method of both undertaking market research and informing customers about what’s happening. The latter is an often-missed trick of sneaking in news disguised as a survey question.

Once companies get into the habit of creating surveys, they often want to do them more often than is advisable. Nobody wants to irritate customers, of course. So it’s critical to segment your potential recipient list and keep the surveys sparing and targeted.

Also, ensure that the survey is presented as something mutually beneficial. If it seems like the recipient is the only one to be gaining, they’ll be suspicious. If it seems like the sender is the only one benefitting from the time required, the recipient will at best ignore the survey, and at worst think badly of you. Don’t be shy to offer an incentive to complete the survey, should that be appropriate. It could always be a useful download if you want to keep things technical, or sometimes even the offer to share the results can be appealing.