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Google Sites – a real time-saver for something temporary

As a quick way of building websites, even if they’re only for temporary or internal use, the new Google Sites is very impressive. If I wanted a free site for adding frequent updates, like a blog, I don’t think I’d choose it over, say, But for a simple announcement site, I love it. And if you’re a regular user of Google products such as Docs and Sheets, you’ll be very familiar with how it works. Finally, although the site lives on the subdomain, it’s easy enough to register a specific domain name and point it to the Google Site.

Outside of work, I’m forever being asked by people if I can set them up with a website for this or that, usually some upcoming event. I’m usually too nice to say no, and although I deliberately make these things really simple, because I’m a nerd, I spend far too long coding something from scratch. This is the sort of thing. In future, I think I’ll just throw something together in Google Sites and then hand it over to whoever asked for it, confident that they’ll be able to maintain it.

Obviously a site built this way isn’t any use for a serious business, nor is it what you want if SEO is important. But for so many things, all that just doesn’t matter. Here’s a review of Google Sites, although the whole thing is simple enough that the best way to see if it’s what you want is to just try it.