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Google AdWords is becoming Google Ads

Many of you I know will have to deal with brand names, logos or slogans which once did the job perfectly but have since been made to look a little out of date. The problem is, of course, if they’re well known: it’s a brave decision to spend a lot of money replacing something which remains a genuine asset.

Google’s AdWords programme illustrates this perfectly. Originally named because it was all about placing text ads against keywords, over the years it’s become a lot more than being about ‘words’, with the likes of ‘Display Network’ image advertising and more. Google has plans for this trend to continue. The company would like to get to the point where everything is automated, and we just say: “Put some ads on search result pages or third party sites for me please, using machine learning to select the best search keywords, ad copy and sites”. The ‘AdWords’ brand – the most lucrative advertising product in history – no longer describes the offering very thoroughly.

Accordingly, Google has announced that AdWords is becoming Google Ads. I’m sure we’ll get used to it.