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Should I be doing search advertising on Bing?

Although Google may dominate the search engine market, particularly in Europe and in business, Bing has the lion’s share of what’s left. For most companies, that might be no more than about 10% of search traffic, but it’s still worth having. Is that enough activity to be spending search advertising budget on? Quite probably.

If our Google search advertising is done right, we begin with the most important products and the most cost-effective search keywords – the low-hanging fruit. As our budget increases, we increasingly expand into advertising products of lesser importance and searches which aren’t quite as good value. There comes a point where instead of expanding further, it may well be a better investment to look at Bing Ads, and replicating what you’re doing on Google AdWords. If your spending is proportional to the search activity, you might start with 10% of the AdWords budget, but you’ll probably find the results are better than that, as click costs can be lower.

Opening up a Bing Ads account isn’t too arduous, and copying over all or part of what you’re doing on Google is a breeze. Give it some thought.