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Powering up your web browser

It’s amazing how often in IT, a product or manufacturer takes such a dominant position that you can’t see how anything will ever change. But it usually does. Once upon a time, the appearance of a few cheap PC manufacturers seemed the only way that IBM wouldn’t get about 90% of the PC market, yet by 2005 it stopped making them altogether. About that time, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer had something like a 95% share of the web browser market, yet now its percentage share is in single digits. So – hard as it is to imagine – we may yet see the demise of Google as a search engine, or Windows as a desktop operating system.

Meanwhile, the world’s current browser of choice is Google Chrome, and with good reason. It’s reasonably fast and supports standards relatively well. One of its attractions for many professional users is the ability to run specialist extensions, and for that reason alone you should always have it to hand, even if you prefer Firefox, Safari, IE or Edge on a day-to-day basis. In 13 Amazing Google Chrome Extensions That’ll Improve Your Marketing on the Neil Patel blog, there’s a really good selection to look at, from those which will improve your writing to those which will help with SEO. See what you think.