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ICYMI – All the blog posts from April 2018

Generally Doing Privacy Right
We’re only a few weeks away from the introduction of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). What does it mean for our marketing? The best approach may be to ensure that you’re making a serious effort to move in the right direction.

What is a sitemap and do I need one?
A sitemap is a list of the pages on your site which search engines can use to discover what you’ve got on the site and how it’s organised. It’s one of the first things any search engine web crawler looks for when it arrives at your site.

The danger of Small Data
Should we just throw loads of advertising money out there and hope something sticks? Of course not. But we all need to accept that reports churned out by automated systems need thoughtful assessment beyond the level of just numbers.

Can we continue to email everyone in our database?
On the big question of whether we can continue to email everyone in our database, I can’t see that there’ll be any problems if we’re just being reasonable to recipients.

A plea for more simplicity in web design
It’s not 1998 any more, and loading new pages is fast enough not to deter people from clicking. They’d rather do that than scroll endlessly, especially on mobile devices. The keys to successful page design are simplicity and getting as much as you can into the initial page view.

Beautiful graphs. You can do it.
When someone just uses an awful default graph in Excel that could have been made so much more visually attractive with minimal effort, I want to throw something from the audience.

How much does agency AdWords management cost?
If you use BMON (or another agency!) to manage your search and pay-per-click advertising, feel free to compare our charges here. If you do it yourself, have a think about whether the cost saving continues to be worth it.

Help – I can’t put anything on my own website
Most of the articles you read online about managing business websites seem to be blissfully unaware of the sort of reality faced by many marketing managers. Not having access to their own website is just one example.

What to do about data retention in Google Analytics
The main thing to know is that aggregate data will be unaffected. By this I mean the number of visitors, the sources, etc. I suspect that for most Google Analytics users, the data falling off the system isn’t something they’d ever have wanted, years down the line.

Ensuring ‘About Us’ is ‘Why Us’
Put yourself in the shoes of a genuine prospect. They’ve looked at the product or service which interests them, and the next thing they want to know is: “Who is this company?” Does your ‘About Us’ page deliver in that respect, attractively and concisely?

About the GDPR Balancing Test for Legitimate Interest
The GDPR legislation requires that we undertake a test, to determine if on balance, using someone’s personal data is not outweighed by their own interests.

They call them …what?
There are quite a few tools which will suggest which are the most relevant search terms for your website but they’re not bright enough to tell you that a section of the market refers to a product using a completely different term.

Making opening that email seem like a good deal
How do we use the subject line alone to make opening the email seem like a good bet? Of course, it needs to indicate contents which will be of benefit to the recipient. But this has to be done in a subservient way.

When subtitles are just what we need
A video is no use if there are other people in the same office and playing the video would disturb them. This of course is an old problem, but the thing which most people forget is that it’s not the video which is the problem here, it’s the audio. What can we do?

Why a ‘PR agency’ is still worth employing
For the most part, publicity is still a people based business, with good contacts being the key to efficiency and success. Good B2B PR practitioners have that to offer, and it’s something worth buying.

Road To Nowhere
Are the outbound links on your site all leading somewhere? Broken ones are really annoying for readers, and don’t do you any favours for SEO either. So you need to audit what you’ve got.

Will access to ‘Dot EU’ domain names be taken away?
Last week the European Commission announced that some 300,000 domains registered in the UK under the .eu top-level domain will no longer be eligible to exist, assuming the country leaves the European Union.

GDPR complaints may not only come from customers
It’s not hard to imagine how objections to your GDPR non-compliance could come from a competitor which found that by complying, it was restricted in its approach to certain major prospects, while those ignoring the legislation faced no such barriers.

What’s Google actually evaluating your site on?
If you already have a responsive site, and the same content appears when viewed on desktop or mobile devices, there’s no issue. But if your site has differing content, you might need to take a look at things. And if it’s not responsive, then you definitely need a redesign.

The power of demonstration
If a product can be brought out in front of a client, or if a client can be persuaded to come and see the product, it massively increases the chances of a sale. So you’d think that our websites would try to replicate that, wouldn’t you?