Will access to ‘Dot EU’ domain names be taken away?

Last week the European Commission announced that some 300,000 domains registered in the UK under the .eu top-level domain will no longer be eligible to exist, assuming the country leaves the European Union. At least one of our clients is affected by this, and I suspect that many of you will know of companies in a similar position. To be honest, it’s a logical step – the .eu domain is for organisations in the EEA, and thanks to the UK government’s heavy-handed approach to cutting ties with the continent, we’re leaving the EEA too. But at the same time, there’s a general principle on the internet called ‘grandfathering’, whereby outdated elements continue to be accommodated, and if UK-based .eu domain holders were simply stopped from re-registering their domains, this could cause all sorts of problems. I’m guessing that there’ll be some sort of arrangement devised to allow UK-based .eu domains to continue, but it’s quite possible that many owners won’t wait around to find out.

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