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Why a ‘PR agency’ is still worth employing

The slow death of quality trade magazines might well have taken the B2B PR industry along with it. Instead, the more go-ahead practitioners seem to be as busy as ever. There may be a lot fewer expensive lunches involved in the profession, but that’s the case across business in general. In engineering and science, it was always about the writing, and there’s more demand than ever before for that; the target for ‘placing’ the copy has become broader; and there may be different requirements from that ‘placed’ copy.

Online, it’s all about getting good quality links as much as it’s about getting published in the first place. There are also increasing opportunities in social media, webinars, online reviews and the like at which PR practitioners can be very adept at managing. Where once there was little hope for many businesses of getting publicity outside their home market (or any need), a dedicated PR effort can now get coverage around the world, with direct business as well as SEO benefits. But one thing hasn’t changed: for the most part, publicity is still a people based business, with good contacts being the key to efficiency and success. Good B2B PR practitioners have that to offer, and it’s something worth buying.

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