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Road To Nowhere

How many outbound links do you have on your website? For many companies, it’s more than they think. I asked three of our clients, and they all said something like: “not many, maybe half a dozen”. I then looked at their websites and in all three cases found more than that. One company actually had over 100, as there were a series of links to data sheets on the site of a supplier whose products they distributed. Another company had a sadly forgotten page of links to its own distributors. There are many types of outbound link. I’ve always recommended that you link out to independent authority sites on background articles – you might have those too.

The point of all this is to say: “Are the outbound links on your site all leading somewhere?” Broken ones are really annoying for readers, and don’t do you any favours for SEO either. So you need to audit what you’ve got. There are a few tools for this (we use Screaming Frog, but there are some free ones too. Give your site a checkup. It’s worth it.