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ICYMI – All the blog posts from March 2018

Tidying up the Pages Viewed reports in Google Analytics
Many companies lose quite a lot of interesting information in their Google Analytics reports by leaving ‘query strings’ in page URLs. What you really want is to gather these all up under the same page heading.

Email: the best way to flag up website changes
Having a system which quietly emails out everything which is added to the website, to employees or distributors, can have huge benefits. It’s not hard to set up, it’s cost-free, and there’s zero ongoing maintenance. All you need for this is a website which creates an RSS feed.

How many links should a company’s home page have?
There are plenty of business home pages with 50 or 100 links on them. Imagine all of those in a list. It’s worse than that though: your designer will have scattered those links around the page, like the site is deliberately trying to hide stuff!

Borrowing pictures can be costly
Someone I know has just received – out of the blue – a large financial demand for using a copyright photo on their website. Check what’s on your website, and don’t feed the trolls.

Another tedious reminder to focus on the prospect
Great salespeople instantly work out the crossover between what they can offer and what the prospect needs, and focus on that. Supporting information is a nice extra to bring in later. We all need to make sure our marketing material works that way.

The most cost effective marketing you can do at the moment
I think my top tip at the moment would be to set up a video creation programme. These videos can be quite simple – two-minute product demonstrations, or ‘how to’ guides, filmed in-house. You don’t need expensive equipment.

Google Search Console’s new Performance Status Report
The new Google Search Console, with its improved reports, looks set to be a triumph. I’d thoroughly recommend spending some time on it. The new ‘Performance Status Report’ in particular can be addictive.

Advertising to get previously interested visitors back
We’re trying to identify people who’ve been to our website, and ensure that if they make relevant Google searches in future, we’re the first name they see. We do this by setting up a ‘remarketing audience’ of people who’ve visited our site, and then bidding much higher for their search advertising.

People also search for… an opportunity?
You may have noticed that in many cases, if you click on a Google result, go to the page selected, then hit the ‘back’ button to return to the Google results, they’ve changed. The result that you previously clicked on is now in a box with a “People also search for” panel underneath. Try it.

Your sophisticated audience
If you can’t say anything good about your product and still want them to buy one, your customer will rightly assume your motives aren’t mutually beneficial. But don’t pretend you’re in the market solely for their benefit. That’s equally suspicious.

Being smart enough to learn from the winners
Observing the competition can provide you with some great ideas which can be applied to improving your performance on a particular search, or across the board.

Don’t panic over Google Search Console messages
You might think that if Google sends you a personal message saying something is wrong with your website, it should be taken seriously. And you’d be right. But remember that these things are all automated.

Chrome to flag up http sites from this July
Last month Google put a date on when the Chrome browser is going to start flashing up messages on http sites that they’re ‘not secure’. The date is this July (2018).

There’s nothing wrong with a good roundup article
Take a look at articles already out there. Why not dissect the points and create a new, more comprehensive article that not only brings together everything which all the other articles are saying, and even drives that home with a list?

Delivering what they’re looking for
Talk to people in an out-of-context environment, and you’re already making life difficult for yourself. Deliver them a response which doesn’t match your offer, and you’ve wasted your time.

Should we worry about Chrome browser ad blocking?
Chrome blocks the type of advert that annoys people, and I doubt you run those. Examples include auto-playing videos, ads which force you to wait a few seconds before getting to the content you want, and ads which take over an entire screen.

If you need to get a page indexed in Google quickly
According to an article in Search Engine Journal, if Google is not indexing your content, it’s your fault and you need to diagnose the reason why it’s not being indexed.

Writing A Great SEO Headline – An Expert Explains
It’s quite simple: write a short “how-to” or “what is” phrase and add “– an expert explains” after it. I’d bet that every single business I know could (if they had the time) write a hundred of these.

Is Google a portal or a destination?
This epic article takes a look at how far we’ve come from ‘ten blue links’ on a Google results page, and whether this is all ‘fair’ to content providers.

The call to action which gets people to your site
If you want to connect with a prospect in your advertising, you need to work out what they’re thinking. Fortunately, with search marketing, there’s a lot that can be deduced about the prospect’s intent from the search itself.