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How much does agency AdWords management cost?

As an organisation which exists almost solely to manage search and pay-per-click advertising online, you can imagine that we were interested to see the State of the Digital Marketing Agency in 2018 report produced by Wordstream. This polled hundreds of ‘digital marketing agencies’ to find out what they charge, how they work, and what they see as the biggest challenges. If you use BMON (or another agency!) to manage your search and pay-per-click advertising, feel free to compare our charges there. If you manage it yourself, have a think about whether the cost saving continues to be worth it.

We charge a percentage of spending to manage your account, although (highly unusually) we also pay for the clicks too, and pass on the cost. The percentage varies not only according to the overall spending, but also from month-to-month; combined with us paying for the clicks, this means that we can charge clients exactly the same amount every month for the whole advertising exercise, which people love. So let’s get the difficult bit out of the way first. The report indicates that of agencies which charge a percentage of spending, we’re at the top end of costs. However, there’s much more to it than that, because other agencies also seem to charge extra for getting out of bed. We don’t. Campaign creation, setup fees and more can be huge, and may represent a major percentage cost, especially for smaller companies. We don’t charge for any of these. I think clients appreciate our simplicity.

If you’re spending £200/week or more on all pay-per-click advertising online, and still trying to manage it in-house, give us a call. For many clients, the extra that we can squeeze out of the budget actually covers our fees, and frees up their time for no cost at all. A win all around!