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GDPR complaints may not only come from customers

I’ve already discussed the new General Data Protection Regulation here and here. GDPR will affect any business holding data on individuals, which presumably means all of us. I promised a reference to any further articles I came across which are worth reading, and here’s a good one from Martech Today in the US, which takes an objective and practical view of the implications. In 9 steps you can take now to get prepared for GDPR, apart from discussing things we can do, the author suggests that we should look at our partners and keep an eye on our competitors. It’s not hard to imagine how objections to your GDPR non-compliance could come from a competitor who finds that by complying, it is restricted in its approach to certain major prospects, while companies ignoring the legislation faced no such barriers. It would rightly complain.

(Please note that you should take legal advice on GDPR – anything here is only my own interpretation)