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Writing A Great SEO Headline – An Expert Explains

Here’s a great idea for an article (or series) which will get you search engine traffic and great branding too. It’s quite simple: write a short “how-to” or “what is” phrase and add “– an expert explains” after it. I’d bet that every single business I know could (if they had the time) write a hundred of these.

  • “How To Choose A Blue Widget – An Expert Explains”
  • “What Is A Blue Widget – An Expert Explains”
  • “How To Synergise Sprockets With A Blue Widget – An Expert Explains”

These active titles look brilliant in the search engine results next to the majority of pages whose titles are just passive labels. The click-through rate should be excellent. But there’s more, because they establish you as ‘experts’ from the outset. Your articles, of course, need to deliver on the promise, but that should be the easy bit for most knowledgeable sales engineers.