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There’s nothing wrong with a good roundup article

Writing good, authoritative articles explaining a problem, concept or technology can be really productive. We all know that. However, what if you think you’re just too late to the party? All may not be lost. Supposing you really wanted to write a good background piece, but when you did some research, there were already some decent articles out there, including one which had become a ‘featured snippet’. Should you be put off? I would advise not being too hasty.

Take a look at the other articles. Are they any good? Do they seem to cover exactly the same points? You might find that they all share a few core facts, but each offers something different too. Why not dissect the points and create a new, more comprehensive article that not only brings together everything which all the other articles are saying, but even drives that home with a list?

Is this new article real quality content which is the best thing on the web? That, after all, is what Google’s ranking algorithms are trying to determine. I’d argue that it is. Of course, it won’t go to the top of the search results immediately, but it should hit the ground running.