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The most cost effective marketing you can do at the moment

As part of our service to clients in the last year, we’ve been sending out an experienced business owner and marketing expert to sit down with them and take a fresh look at their marketing. It’s an initiative which is completely free for our clients, and we know that a lot of them are enjoying the chance not just to review the work that we’re doing for them, but their promotional activities in general.

One of the discussions which inevitably crops up is: “what could we be doing to move on to the next level?” This is always a tough one, especially with those businesses which are quite sophisticated in their marketing, often without fully appreciating how good they are.

I think my top tip at the moment would be to set up a video creation programme. These videos can be quite simple – two-minute product demonstrations, or ‘how to’ guides, filmed in-house. You don’t need expensive equipment; it can be as little as your own smartphone, plus a simple tripod and a good clip-on lapel microphone for under £100. If you want, splash out on studio lights and backdrops, and even a teleprompter. None need be expensive.

The videos will bring your website product pages to life, add some much-needed humanity to them, and reinforce your authority in your market. There’s also some evidence that they help with SEO. Set up a schedule to ensure you film and add one every week, fortnight or month, and I genuinely think it’ll be the most cost-effective marketing you can do at the moment.