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Should we worry about Chrome browser ad blocking?

You may have read that the Chrome browser now has an ad blocking feature built in. Of course, some people had installed ad blockers anyway, but they’ll be dwarfed in numbers by this standardisation within the world’s most widely-used browser. So, as advertisers, should we worry?

In brief, no. For a start, this is not going to affect search advertising. It could affect image ads running on third-party sites, giving you fewer ad impressions there; but as long as your arrangement is pay-per-click, you’ll just pay less, which is not a problem. (If you’re not on PPC, and are paying some sort of fixed rate to be on a site, I’d have to ask: why?)

More importantly, what Chrome blocks is the type of advert that annoys people, and I doubt you run those. Examples include auto-playing videos, ads which force you to wait a few seconds before getting to the content you want, and ads which take over an entire screen. So just ensure your ads are on sites which aren’t waging war on their own visitors, and all should be fine.