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People also search for… an opportunity?

Here’s an interesting development in the Google results which might be worth following up. You may have noticed that in many cases, if you click on a Google result, go to the page selected, then hit the ‘back’ button to return to the Google results, they’ve changed. The result that you previously clicked on is now in a box with a “People also search for” panel underneath. Try it.

What impact will this have? I think it will divert some people away from the next result down, persuading them to try a different search instead. So having the most prominent result on the page is going to become more important than ever. Currently stuck at number 2? You may need to try harder to get the top slot.

But I’m intrigued about the “People also search for” results. Getting to the top on these could be a real opportunity. It might be worth doing some experimentation with your major search targets, seeing what comes up when you click on the top result and then go back to those results, and noting the “People also search for” suggestions. Try those out, in case there’s something there which you could be targeting.

There’s quite a bit of discussion online.