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Google Search Console’s new Performance Status Report

While the redesign of the Google AdWords interface has proved to be fiddly for a lot of users, the new Google Search Console, with its improved reports, looks set to be a triumph. I’d thoroughly recommend spending some time on it. The new ‘Performance Status Report’ in particular can be addictive.

What the report shows us is in-depth data on how we’ve been appearing in Google results over the past 16 months! You can look at the queries that you appeared for, the pages which appeared, and the queries for which each page appeared. In each case, you can see the clicks you got, the number of times you appeared, and the average position where your result appeared.

We can filter and compare by country or device. One report which I’ve found really useful already is to query the site by pages, select one of the pages and then query that by searches. I set the report to the UK, compare mobile and desktop devices, and turn on clicks, impressions and position. Then if I sort by (say) desktop impressions, I can see the key searches for that page which are happening, like this.

If your average position is under, say, 20, you can be fairly certain that you’re appearing somewhere for every search, so it’s reasonable to assume that the number of impressions represents the number of searches. You’ll then be able to see the terms you might want to target, through SEO or search advertising.

Have a play – I think you’ll find something fascinating in there.