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Delivering what they’re looking for

One of the things which running search advertising over the years has taught me is consistency of message. With Google AdWords, to get any sort of decent ‘Quality Score’, and therefore reasonable cost per click, it’s critical that the search term targeted appears in the advert, and that the message in the advert appears on the landing page. The ad needs to be relevant to the search, and the outcome needs to deliver on the ad.

This is a lesson for any marketing, however. Talk to people in an out-of-context environment, and you’re already making life difficult for yourself. Deliver them a response which doesn’t match your offer, and you’ve wasted your time.

A website is a brilliantly flexible tool as a final outcome, because it can be quickly and cheaply revised to match the offer. Printed literature can’t do this, at least not affordably. So if you decide to market your widget as a ‘cheap widget’, you can create a page to talk about cheap widgets. More companies need to get into the habit of creating new web pages and amending existing ones on a much more frequent basis, to match that week’s message.