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Advertising to get previously interested visitors back

Have you ever been doing some online research, found something of interest, but not made a note and then searched in vain for it again later? I have. For a supplier, reaching people like me in that situation should be an absolute priority. Fortunately, placing an advert on Google results in front of previous visitors is quite straightforward. Indeed, even if – for some reason – I wasn’t a search advertiser, I’d set it up for this alone.

So, what are we trying to do here? Identify people who’ve been to our website, and ensure that if they make relevant Google searches in future, we’re the first name they see.

We do this by setting up a ‘remarketing audience’ of people who’ve visited our site, and then bidding much higher for search advertising to those people in future. Indeed, you might set up a campaign to only advertise to those people.

This provides two benefits. As already mentioned, it helps prospects find you again. But secondly, it’s fantastic branding: once they’ve visited your site, they’ll keep on seeing you at the top of searches.

What we like to do is to create our remarketing lists through Google Analytics, by setting up an ‘engaged visit’ segment (visitors who spent some time on the site, or who looked at several pages), and passing that through to Google AdWords. Then we either just increase the bidding for that ‘audience’, or for finer control, we set up a completely separate campaign (remembering to exclude those people from the original one). The clickthrough and conversion rates can be exceptional – it’s well worth investigating.