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The next step from stating the benefits

Many great salespeople in business-to-business markets know that one of the most successful techniques in their armoury is to make the customer the hero. It’s too easy to fall back on making the product the hero, when the customer’s motivation for buying is to make themselves look good – or at least, to avoid making themselves look bad.

Too often, the sales support material provided by a company does not help. Even if it talks about the benefits of the product, rather than the features, it still doesn’t make the leap to explaining how buying this product will really improve the purchaser’s life. Great salespeople will use that material on which to base their pitch of customer becoming hero, but what about the most important salesperson in your business: your website? A website isn’t able to push on and make that leap like a human. It needs to tell the whole story from the outset.

If you find the sales technique intriguing, I’d recommend browsing online for articles on turning customers into heroes. In the meantime, here’s how your website needs to do what a great salesperson does. It needs to show that you understand your prospects and the tasks they face. It needs to spell out what happens when your product or service is implemented, and what the customer will be able to do with the time or money saved. And it needs to show how personally easy it will be for the customer to implement your solution.

Case studies and a list of previous projects have a big role to play here. They need to be interwoven with the product story, and not hidden away on some administratively convenient corner of the website. Where are yours?