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SEO: your successors will thank you

It’s nice when something you say gets remembered. I was just talking to a client whose website punches above its weight, and asked if they put this down to their own efforts or just good fortune. They made me feel old by saying: “We came to a seminar you did nearly 10 years ago, where you pointed out that the very best websites had their SEO groundwork laid down 10 years before that, and had been worked on ever since. But that was no reason to give up, you said. Start putting in the effort now, and in a few years’ time you might not quite have the momentum of those sites which have been worked on for years, but you’ll be a long way ahead of anything which has appeared in the meantime, or hasn’t had any subsequent effort put into it. The message we got was that it’s never too late to start.”

The company has been steadily building links and playing with their on-page SEO for nearly 10 years now, they tell me. While that might not be as long as some older sites, they’ve probably caught up with – or even overtaken – quite a few.

It still isn’t too late to start. On-page SEO and especially link-building might take years to make an impact, but if you’re still around in 2028, you’ll be very grateful you began to make the effort in 2018. Even if you’re not around, your successors will thank you.